Through photography, the intention of my approach is to highlight an expressive human dimension where the images speak for themselves.

The works are united together by a sense of peace and serenity they yield. This exhibition is a timeless look of a humanity in its environment to an acceptance of a world of diversity.

Freeze time, stop on people; these moments of eternity serene atmospheres allow the imagination to weave the story of these pictures and their subjects. All photos were taken spontaneously and without prior permission of the subject, this is natural and authentic effect I want. A journey through the images, faces and landscapes on an approach detailed portraits where shots are selected according to the prevailing atmosphere of the region.

Photos were taken in the Annapurna in Nepal, India in the Agra region, Peru on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Tanzania, Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Thailand and in the High Atlas & the Sahara in Morocco.

The pictures are available in different sizes, either on paper or canvas.
You can order on line at Saatchi Art or contact us .